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   "The most important things I've learned in

      life, I learned on the badminton court."

                                                                                                               - Anna Rice 

Anna Rice is from North Vancouver, Canada and is a retired member of the Canadian Olympic Badminton Team.  

Anna is a 5-time National Champion and represented Canada for over 12 years at such events as the Pan Am Games, the Commonwealth Games, Several World Champs and two Olympics ('04/'08).

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Anna placed 9th overall in the women's singles event, a record breaking performance for a female singles player from North America. While continuing with her professional badminton career, now working as a coach, Anna strives to use her success on the court to help promote the sport of badminton in North America.  

 Anna has always been active in other areas of her sporting community outsi.  As an Athlete Ambassador for the non-profit organization called Right To Play, Anna traveled to Uganda for three months to work with this humanitarian organization.  For more information about Right To Play go to the Right To Play section of this website or follow this link to the Right To Play  website.